cobra whisky

Alc. ?


Miniature hennessy bottle, stuffed with a dead, eviscerated cobra.


Overwhelming swamp meat and smoky meat. Strong pencil shavings are filling my room with a background of dirty water bacon. completely revolting. Dog treat bacon, some cleaning fluid acidity, but just packed with this overwhelming reek of dead.


Im shaking after drinking this first sip. Absolutely relentless flavor of dead meat, mineral, salt, fresh earth, sourness and very high in alcohol. So unusually thick. Short initial finish, but the dog treat made of pencil taste stays for a long time.  Cringe worthy. Ive had two tasting sips and I cant continue.


This simply cannot be found in your lcbo and if you wish to sample this riddle of disappointment and punishment you must travel to asia where the food laws are so lax or nonexistent, they can serve this.

score: 60

Please note:

There are a few different reasons why somebody might come across a venomous cobra in a bottle of whisky:

There have been documents showing that some courageous people take small doses of venom quite often to build immunity, like Rasputin, who was reported to dose himself with cyanide so often, he became immune when he was to be assassinated via cyanide.

There are religious and spiritual views, depending on what part of the world you’ve found this. Drinking from the body of a snake can give spiritual fortitude, or enlightenment. Imagine, drinking trace venom of something that can kill you in minutes.

Its reported as a aphrodisiac.

The last reason ive come across is to sell to tourists. Why not? It’s a hot commodity and one that sells so often, critters of all types, beetles, spiders, snakes are often farmed in order to fill the bottles which are sold to passing, curious visitors.

This is based on rice whisky, found in laos. My sources are not credible on the production of this bottle in particular and in any case, I would advise you to avoid this or anything like this at all costs.