last straw corn spirits – unaged and 6 month old


Alc. 50.7%


Grainy and sweet. Thick nose. Light solvent and wet lined paper. Some corn and raw nuts.


Sweet, grainy and full of spirit. warm on the tongue, with a creamy, thick mouthfeel. Drinkable and smooth for a new make.


not an everyday, but good. Holds up to water.


6 month:

Alc. 52%


Grain is emphasized with some slight sweetness and roasted nuts. Light char. Solvent.


Grainy and pleasant with giant emphasis on grain. Some toffee starting, blazing hot pepper finish. Slightly tannic.


More heat than the white, but more complex. interesting. Good foundation.

Please note:

All around nice guy, don dimonte has crafted a corn/sugar spirit crafted from local sourced yellow dent corn. distilled in a modern multi-purpose still(pot with column attached) up to around 76%, then it has been watered down to a strength of 65% for barrel entry.

Due to a trial and error process, don and his family are still trying to perfect their process, but he has informed me that he expects to deliver an annual yield of 8600 litres per annum and is hopefull to produce 36L per day.