jp wiser’s rye

Alc. 40%


Unsurprising delivery in the classic rectangle wisers deluxe bottle. Some subtle text changes make this differ from the deluxe label.


Dill pickle on rye bread with vanilla fudge notes, but this is very subtle. Some charred oak and cherry candies. Clean cut wood, sawdust and orange peel arrive late in the nose, although the rye grain is evident throughout.


Thin, oily palate, sweet and peppery. Sour rye grain and dark fruit, little licorice. Good oak influence on a fairly quiet palate. A gentle entrance and a gentle exit. The finish hangs on with some sour cherries dulled down by a toffeed cling. Grapefruit on the last dangle.


Those looking for a cheap lot 40 will not find it here. Smooth, simple. Could be a sip, could be a mix.

score; 84