canadian club 100% rye

Alc. 40%


A distinct Canadian club bottle in shape, with clear glass and a hideous forest green label with gold print, stating this is indeed 100% rye whisky. you cant miss it.


Familiar aromas from virgin barrels, foamy bananas, toffee. Burnt sugars, rye sourness, orange peels and roasted nuttiness. Touch barnyard. Lacks a robust punch, rather smooth and easy on the nose.


Super smooth entry and exit. Very soft and smooth and well put together. Rye spices, some sour pickle, butterscotch, cherries and a light exit of lingering pepper. A little bit of wood smoke, but this is a balance of barrel and grain.

Please note:

This is a blend of 100% straight rye whisky which carries ages between 5 – 7 years.

This is crafted completely in the Alberta premium distillery and shipped to the hiram walker plant to be diluted to 40% and bottled.

There is quite the dispute if this is qualified as an ‘american straight rye’ which means to be aged entirely in unused barrels. I have spoken to representatives and have received mixed answers, although through the aroma, unused barrels have definitely made the majority used in the blend, whether its 100% unused, we may never know.

If you had turned on a television in 2014 you no doubt saw plenty of commercials for this new release. The good people at beam Suntory who own the Canadian club name have really pushed the advertisement on this whisky. in the whisky writing world, bloggers and writers alike are filling up google with different reviews, most of them very positive.

Beam is selling this whisky at a very low price point, of just 1.50$ more than cc premium, driving this particular bottle to the younger demographic.


First impressions were quite pleasing, but this started to bore me quickly as a sipper. A decent sip and its priced for a great mixer which tastes like a young American style rye.

score: 88