meukow vsop cognac

Alc. 40%


the meukow house has opted with the flat, seashell type of bottle. It is kept a very clean presentation with a wild panther carved into the glass bottle, and clean decals.


Sweet, candied grapes. An almost fruity beer impression at first sniff, but opens into some tender stone fruits like apricots, fig, bitter orange and peach pits all backed with that to be expected leatheriness. Candied walnuts.


Dusty, old burlap sacks. Thick and rich with an incredible smoothness. building up some rancio in the profile, there is some very mature brandy in this blend. The sourness and fruits from the nose are met with the palate. Slight building of black pepper and crystallized ginger treats. caramelized peaches abound.

Please note:

The meukow brothers were sent out by Russian tsar Alexander II to travel cases of French brandy back to the Russian royal court, for the elitist’s enjoyment. After a few trips, the brothers decided to settle in cognac france and they developed their own trade company, and later started to produce their own brand of cognac.

In 1862 the brothers created the house a.c. meukow & co.

Meukow  consists of the most common brandy grape, the ugni blanc, known for producing poor wine, but after distillation and aging it crafts an impeccable brandy. The grapes are picked under ripe specifically to provide a pungent flavor. The wine is distilled in the classic ‘charentais’ French pot still.



Buy it if you see it. The price is much lower than the big 5 too.

Score: 91