pappy van winkle 23

Alc. 47.8%


Tall with a label of the profile of a man smoking a long cigar, a la Hitchcock(its pappy himself). The colours are drab, but the picture is unforgettable once you lay eyes on it.


First off being banana, cherries and red licorice. Soft and mild, cool and smooth. Soft clay, overturned earth. Absence of acetone. Light milk chocolate and slightly floral. Vanilla and fudge after airing. Gentle cream and ice cream. Candy shop aroma. Dusting of cocoa. big, dank nose.

Overtaking with wood and spice which drops to a smoky, sweet, candied finish. Char and fudge. Cherries and grass, lead out to a moderate finish. Effervescent ginger ale, corncobs and earth.

Overall: 80

Way too overaged. Not pleasant.

Please note:

Originally crafted at the stitzle-weller distillery, pappy van winkle was procured by the buffalo trace brand and adopted into their portfolio. As of 2017 it is widely believed that the bourbon crafted at the stitzle-weller distillery has been depleted and all pappy is now from the buffalo trace distillery.

Widely regarded as the worlds most expensive bourbon, pappy 23 is crafted in small quantities and is vigorously sought out by collectors and connoisseur alike. Some believe that this bourbon is crafted in very small quantity to keep the price at a premium.

Controversy struck the pappy van winkle when celebrity chef Anthony bourdain, who was enjoying television popularity at the time announced that pappy van winkle was the best around. The controversy came afterwards when the batches were reduced and the price was raised, causing a higher demand for the popular product, which is widely frowned upon

Where as most bourbons have a small quantity of rye in their mash bill, this contains wheat instead of rye, providing a softer profile. It is rumoured that w.l. weller bourbon is practically identical to younger batches of pappy, if you’re seeking a substitute.