pike creek (port finish)


Alc. 40%


a somewhat stubby, chubby cylinder like bottle reminiscent of the danfields 21 style. The label is cool, and states what i like to see; a huge name, an age statement and the finishing barrels. The knot, is a miller’s knot, mr. dykstra.


Egg nog and vanilla custard are outstanding. Dark fruit, cloying red wine notes and some acetone. Menthol pokes through, along with fresh cut wood. Bright nose, lacking any real bass notes.


Vanilla fudge, egg nog and sweet/spicy red wine barrels. Pastel candies, burnt rubber and a touch of fresh mint in the finish. Red wine holds down the dank notes with some brown baking spice. The finish is full of oak and a dusting of black pepper. This is a very complex palate, difficult to coax out individual flavours, but the focus us: vanilla, spice, sweet, port, fruit. Pleasant, creamy texture.


Very good. Buy.

Please note:

Pike creek is named after its resting place, where it is aged in first fill bourbon barrels, then finished in port barrels.

The warehouse in pike creek has no electricity, therefore no heat. During the extreme climates of a Canadian year, the barrels become very hot during the summer and since there is no heat in the warehouse, the barrels become very cold in the winter which reaches lows of -40f.

Pike creek is a ten year old corn whisky, distilled in a column still. The resulting spirit is not so full of corn flavor, but lets the barrels take the reigns and imply some vanilla and fruity notes.

Score: 89