canadian club premium

Alc. 40%

Bottle: standard tall sleek brown glass with a plastic twist off cap. Large white label.


grapes, wine and orchard fruit. Cardamom and spiced wood chips. Spirit sprayed cake.


fruits. Cherries and dates. Light rye spice, but rough on the edges. Spirit. Obvious mixer. Minty finish.

Please note:

This whisky is six years old. It’s a blatant and obvious mixer, by the spirity aftertaste, but that’s a great attribute for a mix.

Canadian club uses a rather famous barrel blending process which takes distillate of all three grains used, blends them into the cc recipe and then ages the mix in barrels, as opposed to most companies aging each component separately. Some say it gives a more fruity profile, but cc also implements a wide range of barrels into their final product, which will also contribute to the classic cc fruity profile.

You’ll find this whisky almost anywhere in the world. Its sold in over 150 countries.


Decent mix. I like it in a manhattan.

score: 80