century reserve 21 year old

Alc. 40%

Bottle: lovely old school square decanter like once seen on dynasty, or moms soap operas.



Isopropyl when sniffed right away. soft cleaning chemical too. corn, bourbon notes, burnt firewood. closed nose, but time evolves the fresh fruit aroma. Woody glucose.


Corn kernel, stewed corn cobs, cream, lots of oak, sweetness like hard crack sugar, cracked peppercorns, sugar cane, touch of pine, Bacardi white, tobacco, citrus pith. Kentucky bourbon and hard candy. Airing out for at least half an hour releases character to an otherwise closed palate.

Please note:

This is like a Canadian bourbon. I find bourbon to be too oaky and alcoholic a lot of the time. 21 years in once fill bourbon barrels did this whisky some real favors though. this is outstanding corn whisky. Once poured, this does have to sit for a little while. At least 15 minutes. Otherwise, it just doesn’t reveal its jewels. The finish is long and clean, and well balanced. Big pat on the back highwood.


Overall score: 93

I traveled over 2 hours to buy this. Maybe you should too.